Hoodlums vandalize NUJ official’s vehicle at UBTH police post

Hoodlums vandalize NUJ official’s vehicle at UBTH police post


Suspected hoodlums have allegedly vandalised a Spot Utility vehicle (SUV) belonging to the vice chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Edo State Council, Mrs. Imelda Osayande.

The grey colour 2005 model Pathfinder car developed a electrical fault and was parked by the owner in front of University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) police post at Ugbowo in Benin City on Friday for safe keeping after the owner returned from a routine medical check at the health facility.

Briefing newsmen on the incident on Monday, Mrs. Osayande alleged that she personally handed over her car battery to a police personnel who kept it in one of the offices at the police post before she left on the fateful day.

The visibly angry woman, explained that she noticed that the vehicle had been vandalised and valuables including cloths and shoes had been stolen by hoodlums she returned to the police post three days after.

Curiously, Mrs. Osayande noted that she demanded for explanation only where she received the shocker of her own life when she was informed that police personnel do not sleep there at night.

She also alleged that she became more troubled over the alleged
disappearance of a police personnel who kept her car battery in one of the offices at the UBTH police post when she returned to the place on Monday morning.

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The NUJ official while calling for a thorough investigation into the incident, stated further that she could not immediately lodge the complaint at the Nigeria police Estate Division due to her health condition as at the time of filing this report.

“I removed your battery and kept it in one of the rooms. My alternator was not charging and the my vehicle refused to start. So, I left my car in front of the police post at UBTH and went home last week Friday with the intention to take automobile mechanic on Monday June 7, 2021.

“Before I left, I discussed with one of the police personnel on duty about my predicament and he advised me to keep my car battery in one of the offices for safe keeping, which I obliged immediately.

“When I got to the police post. I discovered what happened. They scattered my car and removed my husband’s shoes, Ankara and Senegalese materials including a new pair of female shoes!

“They advised me to go and lodge the complaint at Estate police station. But I could not go to Estate police station immediately to lodge the complaint today (Monday) because the vehicle alternator was faulty and my health condition

But the spokesman of the Nigeria police, Edo State Command, SP. Bello Kotongs, stated that he has not been briefed about the incident.

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He stressed that the car owner ought to have formally inform the security personnel at the police post to keep watch over her property.

“Otherwise, hoodlums could come around and pose as the owner and vandalise the vehicle.

I think if police were aware, they would have even help to take the vehicle into the premises if it is a fenced compound and ensure that hoodlums do not have access to it.

“I do not think it is wise to park a vehicle at the place without informing police about it”, he said.


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