Police proscribe sale of alcoholic drinks in barracks nationwide

Police proscribe sale of alcoholic drinks in barracks nationwide


The Nigeria police has proscribed ‘bear parlour operations’ and sale of alcoholic drinks in police barracks nationwide.

The wife of the Inspector-General of Police, Mrs. Haraja Usman Baba said this during on-the-spot assessment of police barracks on Wednesday in Lagos State.

She warned that any police personnel who operates a bear parlour or through his agent or privies in police barracks would be sanctioned.

Mrs. Baba who is also the President of the Police officers Wives Association (POWA), said a signal message would be sent to authorities concern towards ensuring compliance.

While addressing POWA members at Ikeja, Lagos State Capital, she also decried the proliferation of beer parlours in police barracks, describing it as a bad influence on children and the future of Nigeria.

According to her, “During my inspection yesterday (Wednesday) I saw a lot of beer parlours in barracks. I know it is you people that encouraged such. You should try and speak to your husbands to follow the rules and regulations of the barracks.

“I grew up in the barracks because my father was a policeman. Then, there was no beer parlour. And with the future of our children in the barracks, we should be careful because these children are more intelligent than us

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“We are going to send signals immediately, for the relocation of the beer parlours . If you don’t keep to it, you will be ejected out of the barracks”, the IGP wife said.


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