Edo sachet water producers declare 3-day strike

Edo sachet water producers declare 3-day strike


Sachet water producers in Edo State have declared a 3-day strike over high cost of production.


The strike which begins on Tuesday, was declared Table water producers Association, Edo State Chapter.

A market survey that was conducted by our Correspondent on Monday, revealed panic buying among sachet water consumers and dealers.

The price of a sachet water popularly known as ‘pure water’, which use to sell for N10.00, now hovers between N30.00 and N20.00.

The price of 50cl bottle water soared from N100.00 to N150 while 1 litre still sells for N170 and N200.00 goes for N250.00 depending on the location.

A food vendor, who gave her name as Mrs. Omoruyi, said the strike is already taking a toll on her business on First East Circular road in Benin City.

“The most painful aspect of it is that my distributor did not inform m about the strike, I learnt about the strike on Monday evening.

“My neighbour bought. But, I didn’t buy when the water distributor supplied a supermarket in my area on Monday morning”, she said.

“Most of my customers do not accept borehole water because it is not treated”.

A water distributor, Mr. Festus Otaigbe, said the insecurity in south eastern States where water producers from Edo State use to buy chemical and Cellophane has made matter worse.

Recall that in February 2016, sachet water hawkers staged a peaceful protest in Benin City over hike in price of water.

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