Olu of Warri palace invasion: Police grill traditional Prime minister

Olu of Warri palace invasion: Police grill traditional Prime minister


The Ologbotsere (traditional Prime minister) of Warri Kingdom, Ayiri Emami has appeared before the Assistant Inspector-General of police (AIG) Zone 5, Benin, Mr. Isaac Akinmoyede in connection with the alleged invasion of Olu of Warri palace in Delta State.


The police also took his statement under caution and thereafter granted administrative bail after three hours with detectives on Friday afternoon.

Ayiri arrived Zone 5 at 11a.m and left 1:30p.m in company of his lawyer and close family members and associates.

Recall that over 400-year-old crown reportedly disappeared when the palace was breached by hoodlums after former Olu Ikenwoli death eas announced barely one month ago.

In his stead, Prince Tsole Emika, son of Ogiame Atuwatse II, proclaimed as the Olu of Warri-designate.

Addressing newsmen on police summon, Ayiri, denied involvement in alleged breach of Olu of Warri palace, adding that he was of in Delta State when the incident occurred.

He said that his agitation has nothing to do with my personal self.

He explained that his alleged suspension by some actors in the traditional stool because they did not derive their authority from any where.

“I was actually invited based on the incident in Warri, it is happens to be the invasion of the Olu palace. I told them I know nothing about because I wasn’t in town when the incident happened.

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“As a person, Ayiri Emami cannot say he is not in support of the Olu designate. We have laid down rules and procedures that the Itsekiri normally operates on. It has nothing to do with my personal self. The person in question is my brother and friend, so I have no personal issue when you say Ayiri is not in support.

“Whatever we are doing as an Itsekiri, there are laid down procedures and that is what I am trying to do. So, it’s not that I am not support of whatever they are doing.

“One of the issues why I am here is the laid down procedures, and the police have actually questioned me on what led to the invasion. And other issues I kept to myself.

“I have not been told about a peace deal.

“There was nothing like undertaken signed with the police. They just want to know the whereabouts of the things that were missing in the palace, and I told them what I know.

“I am not one that reported this incident here, they reported it. I was invited and I have gave my statement. So, it’s left for the police to act not me.

“It is not about Ayiri but the people of warri kingdom. If they are happy, I am happy and that’s why I am the custodian. I don’t have issues with anybody, if they feel they are happy, then mine is to keep the heritage.

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“I don’t know where the ruling house derived that power from. People that was asked to be summoned by an edict . You can’t take some part of the law and you want to do away with the other part. The law empower me to summon them, I don’t know where they get the power from.

“There are talks on going and all I pray for is for peace to come back”, he stressed.


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