Trump wants Covid-19 vaccine name after him

Trump wants Covid-19 vaccine name after him


A former President of United States of America (US), Donald Trump says Covid-19 vaccine should be named after him hence the it was discovered during his tenure in office, the Washington Post has said.

He said this while addressing donors at a glamorous event at GOP fundraiser in Palm Beach in Florida Mar-a-Lago resort where his wife, Melania dazzled the audience with a figure-hugging $1,900 white dress by Giambattista Valli.

He referred to the November election in which Joe Biden won as ‘bulls**t’, adding that he wished former Vice President Mike Pence had possessed the ‘courage’ to send the certification of the Electoral College votes back to state legislatures.

According to the Newspaper, the former President then went on to repeat a line from 2015 calling immigrants crossing the border illegally violent criminals, this time saying ‘they’re coming in from the Middle East’.

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