Octogenarian breaks burglary proof, escapes fire disaster in Benin

Octogenarian breaks burglary proof, escapes fire disaster in Benin


*Advances evidence of reincarnation

*Reveals his preference for ‘Owegbe’ religious group over Orthodox church and baptism by Bishop Kelly

*Explains misconception about Covid-19 and other sundry issues

An Octogenarian, and Edo South Senatorial leader of Peoples Democratic party (PDP) in Edo State, Etose Dickson Imasogie has revealed how he broke iron burglary proof attached to the widow in his apartment and escaped a fire disaster that burnt part of his residence in Benin City. He added that his escape brought him and his family intense relief — and profound joy.


Speaking at an interactive session with journalists at the Weekend, Imasogie said some concerned neighbours who saw the blaze, thought that he had died in the inferno that turned his part of his house into a scene of destruction.

Imasogie who is also the leader of Osokpikan Organization in the State, thanked God and his ancestors for sparring his life, how he got the strength to subdue the force of gravity to escape was indeed a miracle.

“I thank my God and our ancestors.
It is a miracle that I survived that inferno. I do not want to over flog it. But those in the Street believe I am already lost, but God helped me out”, Imasogie stressed.

*Advances evidence of reincarnation

The retired soldier revealed that he became fully convinced that reincarnation is real and believed in God’s miracle despite being an adherent of African Traditional Religion called, Osokpikan formerly known as Owegbe in Benin, were based on the circumstances that surrounded the birth of two his Children.

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Imasogie did not disclosed the identifies of his sons, but explained that was born and bread in a religious family, got baptised by the famous Roman Catholic Priest, Bishop Kelly in 1951 and became a pulpit teacher in the Baptist Church in 1959.

“I got baptised in the Roman Catholic by Reverend Kelly who later became Bishop Kelly in 1951. I baptised the second time under the American Baptist church when I started my teaching Career in 1959”.

*Reveals his preference for ‘Owegbe’ religious group over Orthodox church and baptism by ‘Bishop Kelly’

But Imasogie also stated that he left the Orthodox church for the renowned Osokpikan Organisation which he claimed researches on traditional herbal medicine, after he survived the alleged plot by a senior Pastor of the church to kill him for an offence that he did not commit decades ago.

Asked why he did not oppose his 15th and 24th sons from becoming church pastors, Imasogie, said he doesn’t want any of his Children into to blame him on the day of judgement of God.

“We have so many religions and the Benin doctrine.

“I have also studied other religions. Religion is free. I didn’t oppose them when they declared their intentions to become Priests.

“Some religious organizations believe in the existence of heaven and others do not.

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“I did not oppose my Children so that there will not blame me for denying them heaven.

“I also believe in reincarnation. Two of my Children are products of that”.

“One of his senior teachers who preach sermons in Churches, approached the Owegbe to kill me for an offence I did not commit. The man is still alive and had apologised to my family and I have forgiven him.

“The lesson I learnt from it is that in anything that you think is evil, there can be good. If the Owegbe society some Christians say are evil could protect me at that time and my brother who says that he is a Christian wants me dead, it is better to join the Owegbe people and enjoy their benefits.

“It is wrong to relate Owegbe or Osokpikan with secret cults. Osokpikan is a registered organisation and our mandate is to research and develop herbs for different ailments.

“We do not serve any strine in Owegbe. There is no society that is created bad; it is the people in it that makes it either good or bad.
That is why I preach to my followers to do good things. So that people will join us because of your good work.

“Our worship Centre is called “Osokpikan church”. We have branches all over Nigeria. But we do not use the Bible”, he said.

*Explains misconception about Covid-19 and other sundry issues

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Speaking on the efficacy of herbal medicine as a curative for the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the Octogenarian, said that he believes in the existence of disease, but he hates the business aspect of it particularly on the part of some Government and unnamed individuals and Organizations who have suddenly turned themselves into merchandize by using the slogan of the deadly virus.

“I believe in the existence of Covid-19. But If I air my view about Covid-19, those benefiting especially the Government may think that I am killing their business. And among the actors is the Government.

“We have had many stories where people die and they will be begging their families to admit that Covid-19 was the cause of death. Some had cried out too.

“Sometimes when you go to hospital and you have malaria, they will name it Covid-19. I am not saying that such virus doesn’t exist because it has been scientifically proven that the thing started from China. And I cannot disbelief it.

But I have the impression that heat is one of the factors that you can use to subdue it. The alcohol based hand sanitizer is a product of heat”, according to him.


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