Knocks, Kudos as Sheikh Gumi seeks amnesty for ‘terrorists’

Knocks, Kudos as Sheikh Gumi seeks amnesty for ‘terrorists’


Nigerians have reacted to the comment by popular Islamic scholar, Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, asking the Federal Government to give bandits ‘blanket amnesty’ towards tackling the security challenges in Nigeria.


The Cleric said this on Friday while addressing journalists in Minna, Niger State Capital.

According to Hezekiah A Umukoro,
“With which revenue?
“Oil revenue is coming from Niger Delta, FIRS and Customs generate revenue mostly from the ports and industries in the South. So what is coming from the bandits territory that would be used to sustain their amnesty?”.

Chuks Onovhukwu:
“This country is finished, gone with the wind of change APC , brought upon her. May God give each region the grace and ability to progress at her own pace”.

Pat Ilo: “Who is Gumi? Mere criminal telling Nigeria government what to do.Amnesty for criminals, indeed Nigeria is a zoo”.

Iyk Onukem: “Wonderful!
This Gumi of a man is indeed serious with his amnesty advocacy for terrorists who terrorizes the nation with all manner oe terrorism act.

“For me, the sponsors of the terrorists are gradually comimg out wíth their revelations.

“Since those saddled with the responsibility to fight the terrorists failed to name them”.

Victor Vickybams: “The Government should give them amnesty, “then if anybody continues, we will deal with him”. Which means they can deal with them now, but won’t because the bandits have a genuine reason for their criminality (I forgot he said most of them are not criminals). This is an indictment of the north on the happenings in Nigeria oh”.

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Fisayo Adesanmi: “President Muhammadu Buhari should resign and allow Vice-President Osinbajo takeover in order to save whatever is left of an administration in tatters. The Nigerian nation is approaching an avoidable implosion.

Ambrose Asokwokheme Ogoma: “Gradually the truth is coming out. We will see where all of these will end. Suddenly mr bandits visitor is asking for amnesty for criminals and killers why eligible and competent law abiding nigerian graduates are roaming the streets of nigeria with no attention from government. Its alright oooo. May be una think say we no sabi shoot gun too ba. E go shock una very soon”.

Adeyemi Olayiwola: “I really like how God is using Buhari and likes of Gunmi. God is at work and we should allow him to complete the assignment if not for God most especially the Yorubas we will Neve wake up fro our slumber but the eay God is using Buhari to seriously horse whipping in no time we will get out of Egypt and move to our promised land.

Nwiziogo Friday Nwife: North are deceiving south in the name of terrorism. They are the ones behind all these menace, it’s a lucrative business they are operating to make money in preparation of Nigeria’s break up”, he said.

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