Facebook sanctions Israeli PM, Netanyahu for breaking ‘privacy rules’

Facebook sanctions Israeli PM, Netanyahu for breaking ‘privacy rules’


Facebook has sanctioned Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu for breaking the company’s privacy rules.


Besides, the social media giant, had deleted his post and suspended a chatbot linked to his account.

According to CNN, visitors to the Prime Minister’s Facebook page, who clicked on a link about the coronavirus, received an automatic message, purporting to come from Netanyahu.

“If you have friends or family members aged 60 or over who have not yet been vaccinated, you can write a response here with their name and phone number, and I may call to convince them!” the message read.

Defending the action against Netanyahu, who faces a fourth election in two years in March 2021, the spokesperson of Facebook, that “under our privacy policy we do not allow content that shares or asks for people’s medical information.”

The spokesperson added that Facebook had “removed the offending post and temporarily suspended the Messenger bot, which shared this content, for breaking these rules.”

But, Netanyahu’s Likud party issued a statement in response, saying the aim “was to encourage Israelis over the age of 60 to get vaccinated to save their lives, after Prime Minister Netanyahu brought vaccines to every Israeli Citizen.”

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