Obi seeks reduction in cost of governance for Nigeria to develop

Obi seeks reduction in cost of governance for Nigeria to develop


The Peoples Democratic Party Vice Presidential Candidate in the 2019 elections in Nigeria, Mr. Peter Obi has advocated a reduction in cost of governance in order for the nation to develop.


The former Governor of Anambra State who made the call in a recorded video interview which he shared on his tweeter handle on Friday,

Obi, the former Governor of Anambra State, also called for the elected leaders in the Country to stop living fake life and wake up to the economic realities in Nigeria.

According to him, “Let us deal with the economy. Let us build a better place. No Country in the world has enough money. What matters is how do you use the little thing that you have?”.

“Let us shutdown the cost of governance. Why will Peter Obi move with three vehicles?. Shutdown all these irresponsible offices we have all over the place and live a normal life”, he advised.

He described the call for the sack of service Chiefs in the Country as misplaced, adding that it will not take the Country out of her economic morass.

Obi emphasized during the interview that is does not add up for an elected leader to live a flamboyant lifestyle and squander government money a long fleet of convoy.

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“As a Governor, we didn’t owe workers salaries. I didn’t owe Pension and gratuities. I never owe any supplier of contractor on the day I left office.

But, I had over N70 billion in government account on the day I left office. So, we didn’t print money”

“I travel all over the place. For instance, why will a Governor of Anambra State have a lodge in Abuja? Is he a Governor of Abuja? No! He can do without them. Why must he travel with 30 people from Anambra to Abuja?

“Nobody can kill you. For those who call themselves big men can move alone. You do not need to move around with everybody, carrying guns all over the place”, Mr. Obi stressed.

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