Two policemen drown in Oyo river while chasing smokers

Two policemen drown in Oyo river while chasing smokers


Tragedy struck when two policemen drowned while chasing suspected weed-smoking hoodlums on a bridge at Balogun Street in Oyo town, Oyo State.


The two Constables attached to Atiba Police Division .according to reports, had trailed the hoodlums to the area when the thugs started running towards the bridge.

Spokesman of the Nigeria Police, Oyo State Command, Mr Olugbenga Fadeyi, confirmed the incident.

He stated that four suspects had been arrested by the police over the incident.


He said, “The policemen carried out a raid. They went to a criminal hideout in the area. Some of the hoodlums ran and one of them jumped and entered a canal. The policemen followed them.

“Unfortunately, the policemen drowned. It was a painful loss for us. The suspected criminal and three others have been arrested and we are still investigating them.

“It was based on a tipoff that our men went to the criminal hideout. The hoodlums had been disturbing the area. The report before me is that they are suspected criminals and investigations will reveal more details later.”

“On Sunday, July 12, some policemen from Oyo Atiba Division were passing through Balogun Street in Oyo town and saw some hoodlums smoking weed in the area.

“The area is notorious for hooliganism. The policemen parked their van and four of them started running after the hoodlums. So, being their base and knowing the area well, the hoodlums jumped into the flooded bridge. The policemen chased one of the hoodlums to the bridge and three of them jumped after him.

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“They were not lucky as they were swallowed up by the mud. It was later that a bulldozer was used to bring their corpses out”, the police Spokesman said.

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