[SPECIAL REPORT] Bitter Leaf, excellent cure for COVID-19, Professor Izevbigie insists

[SPECIAL REPORT] Bitter Leaf, excellent cure for COVID-19, Professor Izevbigie insists


A Professor of Growth Biology/ Biochemistry, has recommended indigenous potential treatment available in
Vernonia amygdalina (bitter leaf) instead of looking for vaccine abroad to treat Covid-19 or the popular prescription of hydroxychloroquine which indeed is a modern form of Quinine.

Citing from Scientific journals which have stated in details morbidity rates and symptomatic treatment in the wake of Corona Virus outbreak, compares the SARS CoV and CoVID 2 in his research work titled: COVID-2 pandemic: Evidence that Botanical Medicine or Adjuvant Therapy Mimics and/or supports modern Therapy, Professor Izevbigie underscores the fact that the health benefits that can be obtained through Alternative Medicine globally with comparative percentages.

Izevbigie who has done a lot of work using bitter leaf to develop a cure for prostrate Cancer, traced the origin of Covid and its past similarities with SARS and ordinary Flu, the attacks and death rates globally with their percentages.

According to him, “In Nigeria, it is difficult to implement in our circumstances). We should rather look at local potential treatment like Bitter leaf extracts which mimic the febrile reduction and symptomatic reliefs that hydroxychroloquine provides.

Relying on available data provided thus far, on infection and death rates and percentages, he recommended that with seeming good reasons that “our death rates are not going to rise exponentially like in the USA, China, Italy and Spain; Social distancing (SD), hand washing and the use of Hand Sanitizers are good but our African peculiarities such as overcrowding in market places, and in high density areas, inhabited by very poor persons in Nigeria, for example would make social distancing near impossible.

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“This may inhibit the Country’s efforts to maximize the benefit of SD. Simply put, SD is required but not sufficient — we need to do more: free hand sanitizers and masks must be distributed among people who live in the areas described above. Treatment — there is no recommendation for treating the disease using either anti-viral or any other medications at this time.

As the world grapples with this destructive and dreadful virus and its human death toll; negative impact on human lives, as well as economy treatment approach is not and should not be sacrosanct. Here is the point, as it is expected and practiced, allopathic medicine (modern medicine) should be the first line of medication based on safety and efficacy consideration.

As for treatment, there is no full proof anti- viral or vaccine as a recommended treatment for now. As the world grapples with this destructive and dreadful virus its human toll in terms of lives, and economy, nothing should be ruled out in the attempts to save lives. Hence allopathic medicine (modern medicine) if used should be administered based on safety and assumed efficacy considerations.

The University Don alluded to local strategies that are emanating from Senegal, Madagascar (which is receiving a $2.5 million grant on its local herbal discovery) and Ghana. There are more local efforts as a Pharmacologist, Professor Maurice Iwu has almost patented his CoViD 19 cure derived from Bitter Cola. And yet another bright news from Edo State, Nigeria. Rev Father Anselm Adodo who has a Pax Herbal Consultancy with National acclaim, has just handed in today (Thursday, April 30th), his breakthrough in a herbal cure for CoViD 19, a Pax Herbal Consultancy, in Ewu, Edo State, a Consultancy with a National acclaim, has just handed to Edo State Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki.

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Professor Izevbigie, former Vice Chancellor, Benson Idahosa University (BIU), appeal may not then be out of place as there seem to be a rash of solutions emanating from all over Africa. Looking inwards at this time may be it. Besides who knows, out of all these trials may lie a global solution which can place our African pharmaceuticals onto the world stage and provide the needed diversification for our local economies and earn us the much needed foreign exchange to breath some oxygen into our contracting GDPs post CoViD 19.


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