Over 50 coronavirus vaccine trials ongoing ― WHO

Over 50 coronavirus vaccine trials ongoing ― WHO


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed that there are more than 50 trials for coronavirus vaccine (COVID-19).

When she appeared on a Channels Television programme on Tuesday, Fiona Braka, the country officer for WHO in Nigeria, said there is also a multi-country trial for a drug for the virus.

Over 828,000 persons have so far been infected while more than 40,700 have died in little over three months.

Most of the 174,000 persons who have recovered from the infection did so as a result of a strong immune system and absence of underlying health conditions.

“We currently have over 50 vaccine trials that are in place, trying to work round the clock to fast-track the vaccine development process, and we continue to keep countries informed of that process.

“When it comes to treatment, WHO is leading a multi-country clinical trial. So far, 45 countries have signed up for that,” Braka said.

Braka also added that what is being adopted is a “solidarity trial” that would “test different drugs in four different arms against the normal standard of care we are currently implementing”.

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