Congo’s 81-yr-old ex-president Yhombi-Opango dies from coronavirus

Congo’s 81-yr-old ex-president Yhombi-Opango dies from coronavirus


Former president of the Republic of the Congo, Jacques Joaquim Yhombi-Opango, has died after contracting coronavirus.


According to his family, Yhombi-Opango died in a Paris hospital on Monday.

He was 81. Yhombi-Opango was ill before he contracted the virus, his son told AFP news agency.

Yhombi-Opango led Congo-Brazzaville from 1977 until he was toppled in 1979, being ousted by the country’s current leader, Denis Sassou Nguesso.

Born in 1939 in the country’s northern Cuvette region, Yhombi-Opango was an army officer who rose to power after the assassination of President Marien Ngouabi.

The troubled oil-rich former French colony was aligned with the Soviet Union during Ngouabi’s 1968-1977 rule.

Accused of taking part in a coup plot against Sassou Nguesso, Yhombi-Opango was jailed from 1987 to 1990.

He was released a few months before a 1991 national conference that introduced multi-party politics in the central African country.

He founded the Rally for Democracy and Development party but lost in a 1992 presidential election.

Yhombi-Opango later allied with elected president Pascal Lissouba, becoming his prime minister between 1994 and 1996.

When civil war broke out in Congo in 1997, Yhombi-Opango fled into exile in France.

He was finally able to return home in 2007 but then divided his time between France and Congo because of his health problems.

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