(PHOTOS) Bishop Oyedepo brother batters worshipers in Edo

(PHOTOS) Bishop Oyedepo brother batters worshipers in Edo


Pastor Gideon Oyedepo, younger brother of Pastor David Oyedepo, the presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church worldwide also known as Winners Chapel, has been accused of attacking three worshippers in the church which he claimed were “possessed by a demons”.


Gideon Oyedepo, is pastor in charge of Living Faith church on Technical School road brach in Benin City.

One of the furious victims of pastor’s onslaught, Mr Nosakhare Aigbogun, alleged that his pastor Gideon Oyedipo slapped him three times without any reply while three soldiers from the Nigerian Army School of Transport and Supply (S & T), Ugbowo Benin acting at his behest, assaulted him in the presence of fellow worshippers in the church.


Aigbogun who spoke from his hideout in Benin, told newsmen that his attack was a fallout of fruitless attempts by pastor Gideon Oyedepo to frame him for always calling for a bout with members of the church at the slightest provocation.

He alleged that the Cleric had threatened to crush some members of the church for giving up on his “pride and dictatorial tendencies”.

The middle-aged man, Mr Nosakhare, Agbogun, alleged further that pastor Gideon Oyedepo of using soldiers to assault him.


Aigbogun who claimed to have worked in the technical unit of the church, alleged that pastor Gideon Oyedepo, ordered soldiers to beat him and was wounded and thereafter hospitalize.

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The highly distressed Aigboun, demanded for pastor Gideon prosecution and his redeployment for acting in a blind rage in the administration of the church, in the interest of peace and justice.

The membership of the church has reduced drastically from about 7000 to less than 2000, according to him.

He appealed to the government and church authorities to intervene on the crisis, adding that the incident has been indented at Ugbowo police station in Benin.

Nosakhare said: “Yesterday (Sunday) at about 1:20pm, he (pastor Gideon Oyedepo) had barely announced his intention to dissolve all the units in church when trouble started.

“He (pastor Gideon Oyedepo), said anyone who crosses his path would be crushed. He warned the members of the church not to come close to him.

“Thereafter, he pointed at me and called me the devil and bastard who his his pin microphone, thereby denying him access to a microphone.


“Suddenly, he gave me a hot slap on my face. The members present at the meeting became angry with him.

“I wanted to push him, but the members prevailed on me and asked me to walk out of the meeting quietly. But, I resisted the move. When he attempted to force me out of the church, some members of the congregation who were unhappy about the incident, scattered the chairs in the church.

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“Mr Bedrack, a personal aide to pastor Gideon Oyedepo, brought soldiers to me while concerned members of the church pleaded with me to forgive my pastor.

“While I was thinking whether to sue pastor Gideon Oyedipo, thw following day, some members of the church alerted me that Bedrack was coming after me with three soldiers to beat me.

“I ran out of the church to a nearby residence. When the soldiers discovered that I had escaped they began to ask questions about my whereabouts, and my residence.

“When they eventually discovered my location, they came and ordered me to follow them to S & T army Barracks. Two of the soldiers were in mofty while the other one was in uniform.

“Before I could mutter, one of the soldiers, slapped me for resisting them. Consequently, they began to flog me with a vehicle fan belt.

“This man (Gideon Oyedepo) has turned our church to something else. He has brought nothing, but trouble to us.

“My pastor is used to slapping his members. Just last year, he gave a boy in my church, Adewale Adegbuyi four unreplied slaps for doing nothing.

“I decided to take up the issue in order to prevent pastor Gideon Oyedepo from inflicting injuries on the church members”, he lamented that many people are getting hot over the fight.

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He also said pastor Gideon’s chances of winning the fight is slimmer than the hussle for soul winning for Christ.

Telephone calls put to his mobile number by our Correspondent, rang out severally unanswered as at the time of filing this report.

But, a junior pastor working under pastor Gideon Oyedepo asssured our Correspondent that the church hierarchy will to intervene in the crisis soonest.


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