Niger declares 3-day of mourning to honour 89 victims of terror

Niger declares 3-day of mourning   to honour 89 victims of terror


Niger Republic has declared three day of national mourning in honour of victims of terrorists attack which have claimed the lives of 89 people.


The three day mourning began on Monday.

The deaths were recorded when attack on a military camp near the border to Mali on Tuesday night.

The defence ministry had initially placed the number of dead soldiers at 31 after the attack on an army post in the town of Chinagodrar in western Niger on Thursday night, but government raised the death toll to 89 late on Sunday, according to agency report.

Seventy-seven militants were killed during the attack, bringing the total number of deaths to 166, the government said in a statement.

groups are especially active in Niger’s west, not far from the borders with Mali and Burkina Faso. Some of them are loyal to al-Qaeda, while others are tied to Islamic State.

In December, Islamic State militants claimed responsibility for an attack on a military camp in Inates, a village in western Niger that left 71 military personnel dead.

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