UBTH reviews record of suicide patient

UBTH reviews record of suicide patient


The Management of the medical record of a male patient who committed suicide on Saturday night at the male Ward of the University Teaching Hospital, UBTH, Ugbowo Benin.


The Chief Medical Director of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, UBTH, Prof. Darlington Obaseki, called for the records on Wednesday.

It was alleged that the patient (name withheld) took his own life while he was yet to be seen by a doctor.

Witnesses said that The victim allegedly stabbed himself to death with a broken luvre beside his bed while awaiting doctor’s attention.

It was also alleged that the wife of the patient was away to get an article at a nearby shop within the hospital premises when the tragedy occurred.

On Thursday, a staff of the Hospital said, Prof. Obaseki, has also reviewed the Newspaper publications on the tragedy.

The anonymous source said: “The CMD sent for the case note of the patient who committed suicide on Wednesday in his office. We do not know if any query would be issued in connection with the incident”.

“After going through the National Dailies in his office, he (Prof. Obaseki) did not he mediated for a while and shook his head menacingly.

The Staff said, “I am not sure if he would set up a panel of enquiry into the unfortunate incident.

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The Spokesman of UBTH, Mr Joshua Uwaila, had described the incident as unfortunate.

He said in a statement that, “a young man who was a patient at the male medical Ward of our hospital (diagnosis not disclosed for confidentiality sake), suddenly broke a louvre and stabbed himself” to death.

According to Uwaila, “All efforts to resuscitate him proved abortive as he was certified dead at 11:00 pm”.

He also said, “the result of autopsy is being awaited at the moment”.


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