Edo CDA chairman arrested for alleged murder of farmer

A former Chairman of the outlawed Community Development Association (CDA) in Edo State, Mr. Monday Edegbe has been arrested by the police for the alleged murder of a female farmer. He was named as an actor in the death of Mrs. Mercy Nosakhare Iserhienrhien on May 4, 2019 at Uniaro Community in Ovia North East

A former Chairman of the outlawed Community Development Association (CDA) in Edo State, Mr. Monday Edegbe has been arrested by the police for the alleged murder of a female farmer.


He was named as an actor in the death of Mrs. Mercy Nosakhare Iserhienrhien on May 4, 2019 at Uniaro Community in Ovia North East Local Government Area of the State.


It was gathered Edegbe who other 10 suspected thugs (now at large), reportedly gave the 59-year-old woman a head-boot on her chest, which led to her death, stunning residents of the Community.

A top Policeman attached to the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) unit at Edo State Command confirmed his arrest and detention to newsmen yesterday in Benin.

The policeman said: “He (Edegbe) is in our custody but declined to give further details as he has no authorization.

“We are handling the case. We are not under the State Police Command, but under Force Headquarters” in Abuja.

The eldest daughter of the deceased, Mrs. Iris Nosakhare Aderemi, said her mother’s death would have been averted if the operatives if the police had responded promptly to the advice of concerned elders of the Community to check the excesses of the accused.


She recalled how a certain man who foiled her father’s abduction last year, almost lost his life during a Community School Based Management Training programme.

Unfortunately, she insisted that the police were not forthcoming in investigating the allegation.

“We reported the kidnap attempt case to AIG, State SCID and Ekiadolor police Division, but the police did not act, she alleged.

Mrs. Aderemi, alleged that ever since the State government with the support of Oba of Benin outlawed CDA’s, the Community has not known peace.

She revealed that the deceased had left Benin for Uniaro Community at the instance of the elders to discuss how to secure the release of her husband, Mr. Nosakhare Iserhienrhien Osemwegie and her eldest son – Stanley Iserhienrhien in custody in Abuja on the instigation of the said Edegbe when the tragedy struck.

She alleged that her mother (Mrs. Mercy Nosakhare Iserhienrhien) and one Mrs. Enoma Owie, whose husband was in police detention in Abuja, were at the family house of the later when Monday invaded the sitting room and pursued her mother who fell down after a heEdouttutt by the accused before she slumped and died.

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She also explained further that since elders and youths rejected him from presiding over the Community as the Okaeghele, and appointed his father to act as the Youth Leader of Uniaro (Okaeghele).

Mrs. Aderemi alleged that the decision of the elders of the Community to remove him did not go down well with him, an action which pitted him against her father and other members of his family who became regular guests of the police as result of the numerous frivolous petitions by the suspected killer.

But a letter from Benin Traditional Council (BTC) to
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department Zone 5 Headquarters, Benin City titled, RE: INVESTIGATION ACTIVITIES. RE: A CASE OF ARMED PROTEST, THREAT TO LIFE AND CONDUCT LIKELY TO CAUSE BREACH OF PEACE, the palace of Oba of Benin, affirmed Monday Edegbe as the title holder of Okaeghele.

The purported letter, marked BTC.A40/VOL.LVI/152 and signed by BTC Secretary, Frank Irabor which was dated November 1, 2018, however affirmed Monday Edegbe as the Okaeghele (Youth Leader) of Uniaro village in Ovia North East Local Government Area of the State”.

In the document which was obtained by our Correspondent, reads in part that “I write to acknowledge receipt of your letter Ref. No. CR: 300/ZN.5/D13/S-SQD/VOL.4/6 of 22nd October, 2018 on the above subject matter, and to inform you that the ruling delivered by the Oba of Benin, recently affirmed Monday Edegbe as the Okaeghele (Youth Leader) of Uniaro village in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State”.

It further said, “The Omo N’ Oba informed the elders of Uniaro that by Benin custom and tradition, Pa Patrick Erhunmwunse, the Ozukpogieva (Second in Command) has no right to be installed as the Okaeghele in the village, pending when a “new Odionwere (village head) would be installed, and therefore directed the Ozukpogieva to work in synergy with Mr. Monday Edegbe as the Okaeghele”.

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In tears of fact, the Iserhienrhien’s family, described Edegbe’s conduct had stirred their conscience.

According to her, “that document has become a tool that have become a “weapon against elders of the Community.

But, she expressed optimism that the autopsy report of slain Mrs. Mercy Nosakhare Iserhienrhien will be highly significant in the prosecution of the case.

Also speaking, the eldest son of the slain mother of six, Mr. Stanley Nosakhare Iserhienrhien, recalled how Policemen carried out a search operation at his residence in Benin under on May, 6 2019 at about 6am before the tragic incident.

He alleged that the failure of the search team who was led by Mr. Monday Edegbe to get his father who was unavailable when they called or find any incriminating evidence contained in a petition which he authored against him, alleging that he (Stanley Nosakhare) destroyed his house, thereby revving the engine of rage in the neighborhood.

He said Mr. Edegbe immediately ordered the police men to arrest and take him along with his other perceived enemies who were picked up at their various houses and detained without having their breakfast.

According to him, “he (Edegbe) alleged in the petition that he led thugs to vandalize his house which I do not know. I told the officers to substantiate his allegation.

“I thereafter challenged the policemen to go to my place of work and find out the record of attendance at the place I work and investigate. He (Edegbe) did not even listen.

“When my father, Mr. Nosakhare Iserhienrhien Osemwegie to secure my release in police custody, he was detained by the police and took all of us to Abuja which also bear the name of the petition, the said Edegbe wrote against me.

“When we got to SARS office in Abuja, police said, the petitioner lacked evidence. So, we were granted bail on May 6, 2019.

“When it became obvious to return back from Abuja to Benin on that day, we passed the night in Abuja and returned the following day – Tuesday afternoon May 7, 2019, my sister, Mrs. Iris Nosakhare Aderemi told me that my mother has been killed.

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“I wept when she break the news to me on my mobile phone. I quickly asked her to explained how it happened. She told me that my was murdered at Uniaro Community where she went to honour invitation of the elders of the village with a view to discuss how to send a delegation with a lawyer to release us from police custody in Abuja.

“That was why my mother went to the village, unknown to her that Monday Edegbe had engaged thugs to the Community”, he said.

In an interview with the distraught widower, Mr. Nosakhare Iserhienrhien Osemwegie, who appealed to human rights groups and other philanthropic organizations to assist him to get justice, adding that his wife’s death has brought his family sorrow.

He confirmed speculation about some highly placed individuals to limit the circle of manoeuvring by pushing for the release of the prime suspect that was linked to his wife’s murder.

Already, the Iserhienrhien’s family members has listed a retired Judge in the State of cutting corner have perverting justice by using the office of Public Prosecution (DPP) a Department in Edo State Ministry of Justice to influence the secure a favourable bail condition for the accuse person.


It however appealed to the relevant authorities including the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Adamu Abubakar, Edo State governor, Godwin Obaseki and the Benin monarch, His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare II to come their aide by ensuring that justice is charged to court in time and justice is served.

Recall also that Mrs. Iris Iserhienrhien Aderemi had in petition which emanated from Olayiwola Afolabi and Co. Practitioners (Rehobith’s Chambers) dated May 6, 2019/and address to the Commissioner of Police, Edo State Command, has equally sought the intervention of the coalition of the willing to intervene in the killing of Mrs. Mercy Nosakhare Iserhienrhien with a view to avoid breakdown of law and order in Uniaro village.


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