Benin Chief warns group against impersonating Ogiamien’s title

Benin Chief warns group against impersonating Ogiamien’s title


A High ranking Benin Chief, John Osamede Adun has warned proponent of parallel kingdom in Benin against impersonating the Ogiamien title, describing the move as an idea in search of adequate mode of expression.

Osamede Adun, the Aiyobahan of Benin made the known at a Media briefing on Tuesday in Benin City while responding to contentious publications passed through the sewage in social Media by some groups who had asked the federal government to provide a parcel of land to build a palace for Ogiamien in Benin kingdom.

He said the Oba of Benin, HRM Oba Ewuare II cannot be coerce to recognise the faceless group laying claim to Ogiamien title when the bonafide holder of the title who is yet to return from his sojourn abroad, was not in dispute.

Chief Adun described the failed attempts by the faceless group battling through dark emotions to adulterate Benin history the ancient Benin as an embarrassing error of judgment.

He said nobody has declared Ogiamien dead, adding that individual or group(s) has the right to transfer a Chieftaincy title to another person in Benin.

“Some persons had appealed to the federal and Edo State government to allow them have their own king and independence in Benin.
It is forbidden in Benin kingdom”.

According to him, “The Oba of Benin is the custodian of all titles in Benin and no other person has the right to so do.

“The Ogiamien title belongs to the Uzama N’Ibie Guild in the ancient Benin Kingdom.

“Ogiamien is not dead. He is alive. We had been told that he travelled abroad. Since he travelled abroad, he is yet to return.

“Nobody has declared Ogiamien dead. Usually, when the Oba of Benin bestows any title on anyone, until the person dies, the title cannot be transferred to another person.

“Therefore, nobody is strong enough to crown himself a King in Benin. It is forbidden to mankind and the ancestors.

“Ogiamien title is hereditary. We the Benin people are against any attempt by anyone to usurp the power of the Oba.

“The title is ordinary title like my own. He is not dead. He lives. So, why should another person come out from another corner and install himself as King?”, he said.


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